[ 7.8 Kms from Conference]
Akshaya Patra Kitchen

Known as one of the largest kitchens in India, the facility can make 1.5 lakh plates of food everyday. Currently over one lakh students in Dharwad district are provided with the lunch prepared at Akshaya Patra as part of mid-day meal programme. The facility located in Rayapura, between Hubballi and Dharwad, work begins here at 4 am.


[ 36 Kms from Conference]
Agadi Thota

Nestling amidst lush green nature, the Agadi Thota in Shiggon taluk of Haveri is a must visit day long destination near Hubballi-Dharwad. This organic farm has now opened its doors for visitors who can have a perfect getaway from the city life. There are camel rides, horse rides, rain dance, traditional dressing rooms, pottery section, children play area, magic show, puppet show and dance. Tug of war for women and men and loads of locations for selfies.


[ 46 Kms from Conference]
Utsav Rock Garden

A perfect place for day outing finding art, architecture and nature at one place. A typical art village which presents the forgotten rural empire is created. One can see the traditional architectural forms of house constructions, traditional farming and different rural professions crafted in statue form. Yoga posture statues of Dr Raj Kumar and statues of Raj Kumar in different roles from the movies are the main attraction. The place is located 45 km from Hubballi.


[ 34 Kms from Conference]
Nature First Eco Village

For those who are looking to spend time, enjoy ethnic food and acquire knowledge nature then Nature First Eco Village is the right place. Spread over 8 acres of lush green area and ‘village’ is located adjacent to a large hillock. The Eco Village is located about15 km from Dharwad on Haliyal road and has ample connectivity from the city. Visitors can enjoy coracle rides, swimming, games like archery and rain dance. Tonga rides and bullock cart rides are also available at the campus.


[ 1.7 Kms from Conference]
Chandramouleshwara Temple

This 900 years old temple is located near Unkal area of Hubballi. Shiva is the main deity at the temple and fine carvings in Hoysala style of architecture can be seen in this temple complex. The temple is located close by to Siddappajja Mutt of Unkal area. The temple is also known as Chaturlinga temple as it has four sanctum sanctorums.

[ 75 Kms from Conference]

The second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karanataka, a Tiger Reserve since 2007, Dandeli is a natural habitat for many wild animals like tigers, leopards, antelopes, gaur, deer. If you are an adventure sport enthusiast or interested in white-water river rafting, you should visit this nature’s paradise. Click here for more information.

[ 78 Kms from Conference]
Moulangi Eco Park

Located next to Kali River outside Dandeli town, the park is most suited for a day trips from Hubballi and Dharwad. Water sports, children play area and Kali river are the main attraction at this park. The place is open from 9 am and closes at 5 pm. Visitors can also bring their own food at this place.

[ 50 Kms from Conference]
Mundgod Tibetan Camp

Located 48 km from Hubballi, this unique camp is home for Tibetan refugees. There are monasteries and traditional carpet making unit. There are shopping streets where one can buy cloths and other accessories. There are 16,000 Tibetans are staying here and its known as the education centre for Buddhism

[ 107 Kms from Conference]
Badami caves

Badami is famous for its stunning rock cut structural temples. It is located in a ravine at the foot of a rugged, red sandstone outcrop that surrounds Agastya lake. Badami has been selected as one of the heritage cities for HRIDAY – Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme of Government of India. These caves and the monumental Badami fort were constructed during the 6th century and represent the Chalukya style of architecture. There are many sightseeing places around the Badami caves. You can visit the famous historic village of Pattadakal, which lies at a distance of 20 km from Badami. The village has many picturesque temples dating back to the 6th and 7th century AD. The nearest airport is Hubballi, which is around 130 km away. The nearest railway station is 5 km away. www.karnataka.com/badami/

[ 164 Kms from Conference]

A UNESCO Heritage Site, Hampi is 160 kms from Hubballi. Located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, Hampi is a ticket to the past. Explore more about this historical town that once stood as cultural epitome in Karnataka here

[ 105 Kms from Conference]

An ancient temple town in Uttara Kannada district, Banavasi is a real treat for a historical buff. One can find ancient monuments and relive glorious periods of Indian civilization.

[ 156 Kms from Conference]

Goa, one of the hot spots for beach lovers, is just 150 kms away from Hubballi. Famous for its beaches, cathedrals and world heritage architecture, Goa also has rich flora and fauna. For more information, click here