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Raju Reddy

Founder and CEO, Sierra Atlantic

Development Dialogue 2018 Raju Reddy Founder and CEO, Sierra Atlantic

Raju Reddy is the founder and CEO of Sierra Atlantic, a company that grew to be the best-in-class global services company over a period of 17 years. Under his leadership, Sierra Atlantic grew from a startup to one of the top 75 most admired companies in Silicon Valley. Mr. Reddy is devoted to making a difference in India, so in 2014 he co-founded the Kakatiya Sandbox in his hometown of Nizamabad.

The platform of Development Dialogue is extremely important for India to find solutions to the problem of poverty through empowering people to become entrepreneurs and create jobs not just for themselves, but for a large number of people.
- Mr. Reddy on "Envisioning the Future" at DD 2017