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Development Dialogue 2015 Nandan Nilekani Keynote Speech

"Rather than giving a solution, what we need is an infrastructure which allows others to create solutions on it. That is the co-creation aspect."

- Nandan Nilekani, DD 2018.
Highlights From Development Dialogue 2017

"We take you through a day at DD 2017 that starts with registration, the kick off, and features keynote panels, sector panels, roundtables, workshops, mentor meets, catalyst pitches, and cultural presentations."

Development Dialogue 2016 Keynote Session Prof Muhammad Yunus Speech

"How to address the problems that we see around us in a creative way so that we can go and get it done that's very important."

- Prof. Muhammad Yunus, DD 2016.
 Keynote Panels Mr Ashank Desai Mastek Limited Mr Raju Reddy Kakatiya Sandbox Mr Sundar Kamath Sanmina Corp Mr Rajiv Prakash

"Envisioning the Future: One of the most invigorating Keynote Panels till date. "In many ways, you are getting a really good glimpse of the future right here in the Sandbox ecosystem. This element of addressing social challenges through an entrepreneurial mindset is very powerful, and it absolutely works."

- Raju Reddy.
Development Dialogue 2015 Kailash Sathyarthi Keynote Speech

"You are linking education, knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship with farmers, which is very important in India."

Kailash Sathyarthi, DD 2015
Development Dialogue 2013 Keynote Speakers Were Mr Ratan Tata- Chairman Tata Group Mrs Sudha Murty Chairperson Infosys Foundation Mr N.r Narayana Murthy Chairman Emeritus Infosys Dr Raghunath

"Here's an organization that is really making a difference. I've been struck by the fact that you've given a sense of belonging, pride and dignity to communities. I've really been moved."

- Mr. Ratan Tata, DD 2013