Ganesh Neelam

Executive Director,
Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives

Post his masters in 2000, Mr. Neelam joined BAIF Development Research Foundation as a Hydrogeologist where he worked on Watershed Development Programmes and Horticulture promotion programme. He joined the Sir Ratan Tata Trust in 2004 and handled the flagship initiative named Central India Initiative focusing on enhancing livelihoods of tribal communities. He then led this programme as the Executive Director of Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives (CInI), Jamshedpur. His involvement in analyzing the areas of Technology and Innovations in the ecosystem to create sustainable solutions that meet the needs of rural communities is outstanding. He is presently leading CInI, which is executing the “ Lakhpati Kisan – Smart Village”focused programme and also supervising key programmes like improved cookstoves and Transform Rural India. He is also a Director

at the Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (FISE).

Ganesh Neelam heads Innovation and Technology at the Tata Trusts. He has 15 years of experience in the field of rural development and works for disruptive technological solutions catering to community development. Neelam holds a Masters’ degree in Geo-science from the Pune University.

Financial Inclusion vertical on multi-stakeholder projects in collaboration with partners such as DFID, Access Assist, SIDBI, Ministry of Finance and the University of Munich.Shambhavi holds a Master of Arts degree in Cultural and Social Geography from the University of British Columbia, Canada, a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations and Political Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India and a Bachelors in Political Science from Lady Shriram Delhi University, India.