Development Dialogue 2020, FAQ's

Why should I register?

A unique opportunity to closely witness DF’s initiatives in the spaces of Agriculture, Skilling and Entrepreneurship, and to connect with 400+ delegates from 200+ social enterprises and experience a diverse range of perspectives .

When should I register?

Registrations are currently open Register Now, Last date for online registration is 20th January, 2020

What is Development Dialogue (DD)?

Development Dialogue is an annual conference on social entrepreneurship hosted by the Deshpande Foundation in Hubballi, Karnataka, India.

How big is Development Dialogue?

Typically the conference is attended by over 400 delegates that include keynote and panel speakers, senior representatives from philanthropic organizations, CSRs, Govt’, non-profit organizations, social enterprises, academia etc. The delegate attend the conference are from across India and overseas mainly from USA and Canada.

What is the theme of Development Dialogue 2020?

Aligning Intention, Innovation, and Impact

How should i register?

Click Here for Development Dialogue 2020 registration


Who attends Development Dialogue?

Development Dialogue brings together passionate practitioners, philanthropists, business leaders, directors, CSR practitioners, government representatives of various hierarchy, delegates from abroad, entrepreneurs, academicians, investors, grassroots activists, local community representatives, global visionaries, representatives from for-profits & non-profits and many more individuals interested in development. The idea is to dive deep into the pressing challenges and come up with strategies to improve the quality of lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid.

What is the schedule of Development Dialogue 2020?

The Development Dialogue 2020 Agenda will be announced closer to the date of the conference. DD website and mobile app would be the best places to look for latest updates regarding DD.

You can watch videos from previous Development Dialogues here. (YouTube link)

Will there be an opportunity to share my ideas at Development Dialogue?

Over the past few years, we have made DD more interactive especially focusing on active participation from the audience. Specifically this year, we are having deep dives in agriculture, skilling and micro-entrepreneurship. This will give ample opportunities to the audience to work in teams and come up with valuable inputs to address the myriad challenges in these sectors.

In addition, we have a mobile application as a platform to enable meaningful discussions with speakers, guests and other registered participants.

You can call us on +91-77609-65495 for any queries about the Dialogue. Write to if you wish to join the enthusiastic team and be a part of this ecosystem to have deeper social impact.

Do we accept delegates from abroad and other states of India?

We welcome delegates from around the globe to experience the Sandbox ecosystem and participate in the Dialogue to share their ideas and co-create strategies for development. Given the higher social return on investment, we encourage other individuals and organizations to implement the Sandbox model in their cities, states and countries. Deshpande Foundation has successfully launched a working Sandbox concept in Merrimack Valley, Lowell, MA, USA!


When and where will Development Dialogue 2020 be held?

Date: 1st February, 2020

Location: Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship Building, KLE Technological University, Vidyanagar Hubballi – 580031, Karnataka, India. Please see Hubballi map: Click Here


Can I bring a guest to Development Dialogue?

If you are already on our list, we will send you an email with the registration link. As registrations to attend Development Dialogue is compulsory so please write to us at, expressing the reason for your/guest’s interest in Development Dialogue and your background or alternatively, you may click on the link to register for Development Dialogue 2020.

Is there a registration deadline?

Registrations are currently open – click on this link Register Now;

Last date for online registration is 20th January, 2020.

What is the registration fee for Development Dialogue 2020?

Types of delegates  Registration Fees
Last date Fees
Indian Delegate  

15th January 2020

INR 3000
International Delegate USD 100

What is included in the registration fee?

Registration fee covers vegetarian breakfast, lunch, high tea and the entry to the conference. We also host a post conference event ‘An evening with legends’ between 7.30 to 9.00 pm followed by dinner between 09.00 – 10.00 pm. This is an additional event where guests are welcomed, however it is not mandatory to attend. Guest may choose to attend / skip based on his/her convenience.

Social Immersion Trip: A day prior to the conference on Friday, January 31, 2020, we host an exposure visit to the programs of Deshpande Foundation in and around Hubballi for the delegates who have pre-registered for field trip.

As the trip begins as early as 6am, we request the guest to reach Hubballi by late evening on January 30th, 2020 and share the details of hotel with organizers to arrange for the pickup and drop only on 31st January 2020.

How can I pay the registration fee?

Payments can be made by net banking or direct transfer within India through our event management platform. International delegates can pay the fee upon arrival.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Since the conference is by invitation only, we won’t be able to transfer the registration to somebody else. Please contact us if you wish to cancel.

Do I need to register if I am presenting at the conference?

Yes, you will still need to register. We will send the registration link to your email address.


How do I get to Hubballi?

Foreign visitors can fly from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Chennai and Cochin. From Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, overnight sleeper and semi-sleeper buses are available to Hubballi. Online booking sites are easily accessible to book the buses, trains and flights.,

For travel information please Click here.

Where should I stay in Hubballi?

There are many hotels catering to international guests in Hubballi. Accommodation is available for wallets of different sizes. Online booking sites are easily accessible to book the hotel rooms.

For the complete list of hotels in Hubballi Click here.


What are the available flights to reach Hubballi or nearby?

Are there any risks in traveling in India that I should be aware of?

Hubballi is a relatively safe area. Crime rates are low, and while it is not advisable to drink the tap water, there is bottled water readily available in every shop. There is some risk of contracting malaria, but cases are generally mild and Hubballi has many capable physicians and hospitals for severe cases. We have had dozens of foreign visitors stay with us at Hubballi for long periods with no major issues.

How will individuals with disabilities be accommodated?

Though the office of Deshpande Foundation is accessible by wheelchair, the main auditorium where Development Dialogue will be held has elevator access. Moreover, giant screens are placed in the lobby, providing complete coverage of the entire event.

How much should I budget for food and accommodation in Hubballi?

Luxury hotels can cost up to $100 USD per night, but more affordable accommodation is also available. International websites are very helpful in budgeting and finding somewhere to stay. Food is very affordable, with meals running anywhere between $2 USD (INR 120) at local restaurants up to $10 USD (INR 700) at high end hotels.

For quick Hotel Details