What is Development Dialogue (DD)?

Development Dialogue is an annual 2 day's international social entrepreneur ecosystem conference hosted in Hubballi, Karnataka by Deshpande Foundation India.

How big is Development Dialogue?

We could specify that around 300 delegates (both national and international collectively) attend the conference and over 8000 attend the signature events.

What is the theme of Development Dialogue 2019?

The 21st century faces significant challenges from increasing income disparities to accelerating environmental changes, from food insecurity to increased strains on natural resources. While nonprofits and social innovators worldwide have made significant progress in addressing these issues, there is still more work that needs to be done to have a meaningful impact. To overcome these challenges and deliver substantial impact, requires new ideas, new competencies coming together in new partnerships and collaborations with common objectives and shared values. The conference theme - Reimagining Impact – challenges attendees to reimagine new models, organizations, and approaches that would address these issues facing our country.
Based on your feedback, this year the Dialogue is uniquely designed to enhance interaction between attendees and to develop action-oriented takeaways that will help you to build new approaches and achieve greater impact going forward. What has worked on the ground and what has not? How can we improve measurement tools to better determine value being created for complex challenges? What are new emerging issues for which we can prepare now? What are opportunities to leverage technology? How can different partners collaborate with more creative and impactful solutions? For the first time ever, a highlight of the Dialogue will be a special day dedicated to CSR with in-depth opportunities for engaging with NGOs, top CSR stakeholders, government officials and policy makers.


Who attends Development Dialogue?

Development Dialogue brings together hundreds of practitioners, philanthropists, business leaders, directors, local government representatives, international delegates, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, grassroots activists, local community representatives, global visionaries, representatives from for-profits and non-profits, and many more individuals interested in development.

What is the schedule of Development Dialogue?

The Development Dialogue 2019 Agenda has been updated on the DD 2019 website. Please click here

Will there be an opportunity to share my ideas at Development Dialogue?

Call us on +91-944-989-1050 or write to us on to take it forward.

Do we accept delegates from abroad and other states of India?

We welcome delegates from around the globe to experience the Sandbox ecosystem and participate in the Dialogue to share their ideas and perspectives on development. We want to encourage other individuals and organizations to implement the Sandbox model in their cities, states and countries. Deshpande Foundation has successfully launched a working Sandbox concept in Merrimack Valley, Lowell, MA, USA!


Where and when will Development Dialogue 2019 be held?

Development Dialogue will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2019 at the Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Vidyanagar, Hubballi 580 031. Please see Hubballi map: Click Here


Can I bring a guest to Development Dialogue?

If you are already on our list, we will send you an email with the registration link. If this is your first Development Dialogue, please write to us at, expressing the reason for your interest in Development Dialogue and your background or alternatively, you may click on the link to register for Development Dialogue 2019.

Is there a registration deadline?

Registrations are currently open Register Now. Last date for online registration is Jan 20th, 2019.

What is the registration fees for Development Dialogue 2019?

Type of Delegates

Early Bird Registration

Last Date


Regular Registration

Last Date


Sandbox Partners

31st DEC 2018

INR 3000

INR 4000

USD 100

15th Jan 2019

INR 5000

INR 6000

USD 150

Indian Delegates

International Delegates

What is included in the registration fee?

Social Immersion Trip: On the day of the Social Immersion Trip i.e. 01-Feb-2019 we will pick you up from your hotel by 6am, take you around for the immersion trip and transport you back to your hotel the same day, by evening.
Food: In Hubballi, we will cover all of the group meals. If you decide to get room service or meals separately from group activities, you will have to cover these costs on your own.

How can I pay the registration fee?

Payments can be made by netbanking or direct transfer within India. International delegates can pay the fee upon arrival.

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

Since the conference is by invitation only, you cannot transfer the registration to somebody else. Please contact us if you wish to cancel.

Is there a discount if I attend only one of the 2 days?

Currently we do not offer this option, but we may consider it in future, if there is a demand for it. Each day varies at Development Dialogue, therefore we value your full participation.

Do I need to register if I am presenting at the conference?

Yes, you will still need to register. We will send you a special registration link to your email address.


How do I get to Hubballi?

Foreign visitors can fly into Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Goa , since all these cities are connected to Hubballi by air. Overnight sleeper and semi-sleeper buses are also available from Bengaluru & Mumbai to Hubballi. is a great resource for booking buses. 

For travel information please Click here.

Where should I stay in Hubballi?

The conference has arrangements with several hotels in Hubballi. Accommodation is available for wallets of different sizes. Delegates can make reservations by contacting the hotel directly and referring to the Development Dialogue conference.

For a list of suggested hotels at Hubballi Click here.

Transportation & Accomodation

What are the available flights to reach Hubballi or Near by?

There are direct flights from both Mumbai and Bengaluru to Hubballi as well as from many other metros. Click here for travel information.

Are there any risks in traveling in India that I should be aware of?

Traveling to a developing country has inherent hazards, but Hubballi is a relatively safe area. Crime rates are low, and while it is not advisable to drink the tap water, there is bottled water readily available in every shop. There is some risk of contacting "Delhi belly" or malaria, but cases are generally mild and Hubballi has many capable physicians and hospitals for severe cases. We have had dozens of foreign visitors stay with us at Hubballi for long periods with no serious issues.

How will individuals with disabilities be accommodated?

Though the office of Deshpande Foundation is accessible by wheelchair, the main auditorium where Development Dialogue will be held has no wheelchair access. However, giant screens are placed in the lobby, providing complete coverage of the entire event.

How much should I budget for food and accommodation in Hubballi?

Luxury hotels can cost up to $100 USD per night, but more affordable accommodation is also available. International websites such as can be very helpful in budgeting and finding somewhere to stay. Food is very affordable, with meals running anywhere between $2 USD at local restaurants up to $10 USD at high end hotels.

For quick Hotel Details