[Hubballi Conference]
Development Dialogue 2023

We are excited to host ‘Development Dialogue, 2023’ after a pause of two years. As the world moves into the post-COVID era, we are in a unique position to appreciate the difference that technology has made in our lives, first-hand, whether it is through our experience of remote learning, remote work or remote commerce. However, there is still a lot that remains to be done to bring the benefits of technology to the social development sector.

Efforts to address urgent social issues and scale proven solutions have been incremental and constrained partly due to the lack of appropriate technological solutions. Around the world, technology is being recognized as an important means to achieve the goal of bringing about faster, more affordable and more impactful outcomes in addressing major challenges of society.

Come join us at Development Dialogue, 2023 where you will get to engage with accomplished leaders, notable personalities, government agencies and NGO partners sharing their perspectives on technology’s role in impacting and scaling different fields and verticals in the development sector.

[ Theme of Development Dialogue 2023 ]
Technology for Impact & Scale

This year Development Dialogue Hubballi is a two day event that will begin on February 3, 2023 (Friday) with immersive field visits. On the morning of February 4, we will commence with a Keynote Session on ‘Technology for Impact & Scale’. It will focus on a vision of the future where technology enables rural transformation by providing key capabilities to enable faster, cheaper and better services for rural India.

This will be followed by sessions on Edu-skilling: Democratizing Learning Opportunities; Tech Start-Ups & Micro Entrepreneurship: Scaling Impact through New Age Entrepreneurship, and Agriculture’s Connected Future: How Technology is Transforming Agriculture.

These sessions will share examples of how technology is overcoming challenges across different development sector verticals and help promote the attitude of “Be a Thinker and a Doer.”

[AT DD 2023]
What to expect ?
A unique opportunity to closely witness Deshpande Foundation's initiatives in the spaces of Agriculture, Skilling, and Entrepreneurship.
Connect with over 400 delegates including speakers, CSR, Govt' academia, etc from around 200+ organizations; and experience a diverse range of perspectives
Listen to achievers and sector leaders on their unique accomplishment that could leave you with insights and inspiration!
Join the mega gathering where an enlightened civilians of Sandbox ecosystem listen to and interact with keynote panels of great achievers