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Latha Srinivasan

Founder and Director, ChipperSage

Development dialogue 2018 Speakers Latha Srinivasan, Founder and Director, ChipperSage

Latha Srinivasan has worked in the software industry with leading IT companies such as AT&T and HCL for 18 years. She is passionate about helping children read, especially those who cannot get help at home or school. Ms. Srinivasan founded ChipperSage in 2009 to provide comprehensive solutions for English fluency.

ChipperSage has built its products on the general principal of language learning, in which students first listen and respond and then read and write. In this way, ChipperSage addresses the gap that exists between learning the alphabet and actually being able to read English. Prior to ChipperSage, Ms. Srinivasan founded Tailorbird, a children's library that has over 8,000 books.


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