CSR Summit 2019

Why CSR Summit?

It is the 5th year of implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) legislation, Section 135, Companies Act, 2013. Corporate and Civil Society participation and ownership has been steadily increasing over these years. The key question now is - what has been the impact of spending that has happened thus far? And what can be done to maximize it, scale it up, and make it sustainable?

A crucial step in furthering efforts in this direction is to measure performance and outcome of CSR both at policy and implementation level. Such initiatives should extend their focus beyond just proving output and outcomes to helping organisations and implementation partners enhance effectiveness and efficiency of their efforts. Such an approach focuses on robust and holistic dialogue, debate, discussion – leading to actionable feedback and recommendations, integrating with ongoing operations, and exploring effective collaborations through the ecosystem of CSR to ensure that there is continuous improvement and development.

Development Dialogue 2019 CSR day (3rd February 2019) shall strive to bring about this discourse in a meaningful, interactive, co-creative manner.

About the summit

During various sessions, there would be a synthesis of action ideas for Government, Corporates, Academia and Civil Society. As delegates go back, they can mull over, brainstorm with white-boards, and devise their respective game plans as key take-aways. A Call for Collaborative Action would be announced, urging all to join hands in collective efforts to achieve common goals – the Sustainable Development Goals.

The dialogue would seek to bring out the Government, Corporate, Academia and Civil Society points of view with regards to CSR and Sustainable Development – from Policy & Strategy, to Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Implementation and Reporting. Effort would be made such that all stakeholders feel aligned and in sync with the letter and spirit of the CSR Legislation, so that collaborative action may be forged as we move into FY 2019- 2020.

CSR and Civil Society leaders would be encouraged to share challenges, opportunities, learnings and failures based on their experiences. A cross-fertilization of thoughts and action ideas between policy makers, funders, researchers and implementers would be facilitated - highlighting key parameters for Measurable, Scalable and Sustainable Impact. Active participation of delegates would be facilitated.

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