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Gaurav Manjal

Co-founder & CEO, Unacademy

development dialogue 2018 speaker, Gaurav Manjal, Co-founder & CEO, Unacademy

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Unacademy, Mr. Gaurav Manjal empowers India's youth by helping them understand important concepts and fulfill their learning outcomes. Mr. Manjal graduated from NMIMS University with a Bachelor in Computer Engineering. In 2013, Mr. Manjal co-founded Flat.to, a service that connects students with brokers and property owners close to their colleges to locate suitable accommodations. Inspired by Khan Academy, Mr. Manjal established Unacademy as a YouTube channel where he taught concepts to users through short videos.

In 2015 he enhanced Unacademy as a separate online learning platform that helps students, even in remote areas, improve their ability to speak, write better, and increase their knowledge. Mr. Manjal and his team won the Social Impact Award at the Smart CEO startup awards for their innovative learning platform.


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