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Clement Chauvet

Chief of Skills and Business Development, UNDP

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Clement Chauvet is experienced in business development with a history of working in International Affairs. Mr. Chauvet received his MBA with a focus in Management from HEC. He is currently the Chief of Skill and Business Development for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Mr. Chauvet handles all aspects of UNDP Skill project funded by Ikea Foundation which aims to skill 3 million women in 3 years.

In this current skill project, Mr. Chauvet aims to bridge the gap between the demand for skilled workforce from the private sector and the supply of skilled people in the public sector. To achieve this, he collaborates with governments, representatives from the private sector, NGOs, CSOs, and CBOs, among many others. Previously, Mr. Chauvet worked as the Program Coordinator for ACTED, Executive Director of Sikap Foundation, Corporate Fundraising Manager for UNICEF France, Private Fundraising and Partnership Chief for UNICEF, Resource Mobilization Chief for UNICEF India, and the Regional Resource Mobilization Advisor for UNFPA.


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