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The 21st century faces significant challenges from increasing income disparities to accelerating environmental changes, from food insecurity to increased strains on natural resources. While nonprofits and social innovators worldwide have made significant progress in addressing these issues, there is still more work that needs to be done to have a meaningful impact. To overcome these challenges and deliver substantial impact, requires new ideas, new competencies coming together in new partnerships and collaborations with common objectives and shared values. Development Dialogue 2019 is your platform for impactful discussions on how to build such coalitions.

Based on your feedback, this year the Dialogue is uniquely designed to have a strong focus on intense interaction between attendees and developing action-oriented takeaways to build new approaches that achieve greater impact going forward. What has worked on the ground and what has not? How can we improve upon measurement tools to better determine how we create value for complex challenges? Building on these key learnings, the Reimagining Impact theme will guide the development of new approaches and cutting-edge solutions for addressing challenges of the present and the future. What new issues are emerging that we can prepare for now? What are opportunities for technology? How can different partners come together to lead to more creative and impactful solutions? As a highlight, for the first time ever, the Dialogue concludes with a special day dedicated for deep-dives between NGOs, top CSR stakeholders, government officials and policy makers.


The Development Dialogue celebrates solution-seeking and solution-leading people from diverse sectors who are united by their purpose to create sustainable solutions. It is an international conglomeration of social entrepreneurs, leaders from non-profit and for-profit organizations, Government officials, grassroots practitioners and impact investors, coming together to inspire, share insights and forge productive collaborations.


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Inspiration from the Dialogue
development dialogue 2018 kNandan Nilekani keynote speech

"Rather than giving solution, what we need is infrastructure which allows others to create solution on it and that is the co creation aspect"

- Nandan Nilekani, DD 2018

Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus at Development Dialogue 2016

"How to be addressing the problems that we see around us in a creative way so that we can go and get it done and that's very important."

- Prof. Muhammad Yunus DD 2016

development dialogue 2015 kailash sathyarthi keynote speech

"You are linking education, knowledge, technology and entrepreneurship with farmers, which is very important in India"

- Kailash Sathyarthi, DD 2015

Development Dialogue 2013 keynote speakers were mr ratan tata- chairman tata group mrs sudha murty chairperson Infosys foundation mr n.r narayana murthy chairman emeritus infosys dr raghunath.jpg

"Here's an organization that is really making a difference. I've been struck by the fact that you've given a sense of belonging, pride and dignity to communities. I've really been moved."
- Mr. Ratan Tata, DD 2013





"This is my first Development Dialogue and so far I've spent the last couple of days touring around India and seeing all the great things the Deshpande Center has been doing and it's amazing. This is the first time that I've seen something on this scale working so cleanly."

- Mr. Steve Canar, CEO Etalon

Delegate During 2017 DD

We loved it

"One of my favorite things that we went to was the farm ponds.

Coming from an agricultural background, I was so inspired that the Deshpande Foundation was able to increase profits for farmers by three or fourfold."

- Ms. Louisa Walch, Enactus, Queen's University

Relationship Manager Assistant, Delegate During 2017 DD

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